Polymer in Nigeria

Polymer, the word sounds so strange to the Nigerian public. The foremost knowledge of polymer to them being the sachet water “pure water” packaging and the common polyethylene film “waterproof”.

But little does the public know that Polymer is all that gives them their daily comfort (matrass, clothing), beautifies their homes (paint), protect them from the harsh weather (clothing), prevents them from electrical shocks (most insulators), forster their injury recovery (prosthesis), helps in storing information  (paper), package their foods (PS), store their water and liquids (plastics), serve as casing for most of their electronic devices, a component of their DNA and has been the most widely used engineering material of this present generation.

The knowledge of polymers, will help Nigerians to know how to how to make effective use of it and also to help them avoids some of its hazards such as (non biodegradable, carcinogenic etc) although research worked have been carried out in most of these areas so as to curtail these demerits.

This blog will serve as an avenue for every Nigerian to get up close and personal with this material, polymer, therefore, knowing diversified areas of application, recent researches in the field, how to avoid it hazards and so on.







Author: genesisenwenyeokwu

Enwenyeokwu Genesis is a graduate of Polymer and Textile Engineering, who has a strong passion to impact upon the life of young people. He is analytical, critical, a social motivator and Godfearing

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