Are We Ready To Lead?

OrgChartResizeI keep on marvelling about the deluded nature of the youth of today, whenever the topic of national leadership is been considered. Recently, i watched a television program on one of the nation’s media TV station (I will not disclose name), where a political analyst that belongs to one of the political parties  in the country was interviewed, the presenter asked him, ‘What is the place of youth evolvement in the leadership of your party?’; and this was what he said, ‘The youth are not prepared and do not have the skill to handle pivotal positions’. On hearing this, I was so burdened and disheartened, because of his myopic view of the youth preparedness to attain leadership positions in vital associations or organization in the country. But on a second thought, I took a critical assessment of the youths of today and asked myself this question ‘Are we ready to lead’.

I could remember very well back in our primary and secondary school days, many of us wouldn’t want to be selected to act as the class prefect or Head perfect. We all chickened-out from leading one another and thus developing our leadership skills, or is it to become the course representative in a department? Many would run away from that due to the challenging situations that the position presents. Going away from the academic environment, whenever the youth find themselves in a social, political, financial or religious gathering, there is this tendency to always abscond from responsibilities to lead, chiefly because fear, lack of self believe or the feeling that they don’t have the experience or ability to lead.

This same youth that flee from leading are still the ones to criticize and slander the old public figures that assume the leadership positions in various organizations and steer the hem of affairs of the nation. I look forward to seeing a generation of youth that believe in themselves to achieve the impossible, conquer the undefeated and overcome the fear of the unknown that has always gotten the best of us.

I always have this mindset in me and I’ll love to share it with everyone, and it is that ‘Responsibility makes one responsible’. All through my childhood days I’ve always wanted to lead, no wonder I felt so bad when I was deprived the privilege to attain my very first leadership position (to become the Time Keeper, when I was in pry 5). Notwithstanding, I was presented the opportunity to lead a larger class when I got into secondary school, of which I embraced and subsequently attained other positions in my senior classes, up until college

I don’t really want to, make this piece as a medium of social publicity of myself, I only wish to use myself as an example of what most of us, the youths, should desire. Entrepreneural mindset is also a mindset of leadership, so leadership does not only mean looking for positions to chair, but to be leadership minded. To always have the passion to lead. But before you can lead, you’ll first need to learn to lead yourself. Because if you can’t lead yourself, you’ll find it difficult to lead others properly, and we learn to lead by reading leadership books, mentoring and most of all embracing challenges and see them as an avenue to to shine. Considering David in the Bible as a case study; when he was sent by his father to meet his brethren in the battle field, and heard Goliath talking and the army of Israel hiding themselves. Within himself, he saw that challenge as an opportunity to shine and excel. So also do we need to embrace challenges.

Today, that we are experiencing economic downsizing, restructuring of the political system , degradation of the social and moral values, bewildered security system and discreditted religious values. My question to the youth is ‘Are We Ready To Lead?’. Are we ready to pick up the challenge to defeat the security Goliath of our days? Are we ready to turn around the poor economic situation of our nation by becoming enterprising and entrepreneural? Its high time we stopped being over dependent on the government to solve our problems. We need to forget the past, stop putting blames on one another and arise to our present situation to see a way of salvaging our future.








Author: genesisenwenyeokwu

Enwenyeokwu Genesis is a graduate of Polymer and Textile Engineering, who has a strong passion to impact upon the life of young people. He is analytical, critical, a social motivator and Godfearing

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