It’s so sweet writing stories in the dark deep at midnight, even as the periodic rhythm of the frogs breath into you the nature feeling, making the senses ready to express what comes from the inner pool of feelings. Sometimes putting an idea down could be really difficult, though it’s easy to float my ink on a diary, making marks and symbols whenever I found no suitable word.

In the heart of every man lies a story and this is what makes a man. Here is a special case of a child indigenous to the African race. It cuts across pain, sorrow, anguish, terror, molestation and survival in a society where he was never entitled to a niche.

He is a writer like me; Oh yea, he writes stories but his stories were written in his heart and no one ever got to read them like you are reading mine. Interestingly, the society wrote most of the stories and I guess his only contribution were his cries that followed every word written inside him.

People called him a bastard, although he was. His mother was a young girl with an envious career already going on for her in computer science at the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University Akwa until one foolish (I will rather go with the word selfish) idea brought it down like a pack of cards. Just one night stand during the Christmas break, and the African child was encapsulated within her walls (Africa has fertile soil). She had died as a result of the trauma (I-can’t-believe-this-happened-to-me syndrome) five years after his delivery and he has been left to wander the streets of Akwa.

I looked at him as he moved from store to store begging food and I could tell what he felt seeing those store owners and their children staring at him and sometimes chased him off when he attempted to pick their left overs. He slept, bathed, fed, and lived on the streets. At the tender age of six he had already seen a lot that made him stout and never got scared. One will hardly believe he was actually fair in complexion but by just looking behind his ears, you could see the sun had seriously dealt much with him. The only moment he enjoyed was when he joined the other kids to play an improvised football, oh!!!! He wished it lasted forever.

Recently, he had seen a guy few years older than him who also slept on the streets as he did. This guy made ends meet by pick-pocketing and stealing from his victims during the day and retires to their place of dwelling at night with enough to help them both daily. Now, it was a nice idea to steal but what puzzled my heart was “will God judge him if he stole?” He began stealing but he wasn’t habitual, he only stole when it was necessary because he was hungry. One day he ran out of luck when he tried stealing (taking rather) fried potatoes from a woman who sold across the street. Unknown to him the woman was aware of his plans and as he dipped his hand in the tray, the next thing he saw was darkness.

I would really love to stop here because the writer is always the first to cry in any story. I will summarize in a moment.

The woman scooped hot oil with her spoon into his two eyes. Now, he is blind with no hope of seeing again. Quite exasperating. No treatment for him and no helper to assist.

Now he cries every day at one spot. I believe he cried the first day because of what that woman did to him and the rest of the days for what his mother did to him. The woman was meant to keep waiting for the right time rather than deliver the child into the arms of the dragon (society) Rev 12: 17.

“mama, I trusted you to know better when to bring me here. I felt more comfortable within the walls of your womb than I am now. When you forced me into this world, I thought you had better plans just to come here and discover your ruthlessness; you made no preparations for me whatsoever.

The society tossed me about as if I never suckled a breast as they did. It is true you gave me life but I preferred you had done it at a later age where I enjoy your stories sitting beside my siblings.

Daddy, I wonder the kind of farmer that would plant and run from harvesting. You are still planting whereas vultures are eating up the ones you have already planted. My pains and suffering are as a result of your lack of preparations and selfishness. Pleases plan well next time”.


I am of the opinion that every African child has the fundamental right that should allow him to enjoy a home with all necessary amenities for him to excel in life. It is an ideal I wish to fight for and if need be, it is an ideal I am ready to die for. While the society continues to battle crime, the same society continues to birth crime. I was opportune to have an internship with a renowned organization in Delta state and it wasn’t in my nature to live in a place and not observe the environment and its people. The cult activities, prostitution, ruggedness, militancy were as a result of one naive girl who failed to tell when the time was right to open her legs. It hits me to my chest when I see children from one teenage mother in their maternal home eating scraps from the waste bin. God formed the woman from the man and put in the woman potential children in form of eggs so she be courteous of who she intends to replicate into the world and the time she felt was right.  Remember, kings were birthed by women and the same women gave birth to thieves. The only difference between a king and a thief is plans made before their birth; a princess keeps herself and waits for a prince from another territory who definitely was prepared to receive an heir. The day we begin seeing ourselves as prince and princess then you will realize that we have potential kings to protect.

At this junction, I believe my readers have been inspired to carve out a new Africa were our children will always be a step ahead of us in our diverse endeavors. Be it as it may, I love Africa


Nigerian Agip Oil Company Tertiary Scholarship Scheme / 2016 campaign



The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) Joint Venture in pursuance of its Corporate Social Responsibility invites suitably qualified applicants for its 2015/2016 Session Tertiary Scholarship Scheme, effective from 13th June to 27th June, 2016.

Category of Awards

  • Host Communities Merit Award – For applicants strictly from NAOC Host Communities
  • National Merit Award – For applicants from Non-Host communities

To qualify for consideration, applicants MUST be:

  • Registered Full TIME undergraduates in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
  • Certified 100 level students at the time of application

NOTE: The following categories of students should not apply:

  • 200 level students and above
  • Current beneficiaries of similar Awards from other Companies and Agencies
  • Dependants of NAOC/NAE/AENR

Only Indigenes of NAOC Host Communities in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Imo States SHOULD apply for the Host Communities Merit Award.

Only applicants studying Engineering, Geology, Geosciences and Agricultural Science are eligible for the National Merit Award.
DeadlineClosing date for receipt of e-applications is strictly Midnight, June 27th, 2016.

NOTE: The aptitude test will take place at designated centres to be communicated to applicants at a later date and applicants are to fully bear the cost of transportation to and from Aptitude test centres.

Application is open to 100 level students only.

1. Before you start this application, ensure you have clearly scanned copies of the following documents

      • Passport photograph with white background not more than 3 months old (450px by 450px not more than 200kb)
      • School ID Card
      • O’level Certificate
      • Admission Letter
      • Birth Certificate
      • Proof of Local Government Area of Origin
      • Letter from Community Paramount Ruler
      • Letter from CDC Chairman
      • JAMB Result

2. Ensure the documents are named according to what they represent to avoid mixing up documents during upload
3. Ensure you attach the appropriate documents when asked to upload
4. Ensure to provide valid Email and Phone Contact for effective communication

To apply, follow the steps below:
1.    Click on “Apply Now” tab.
2.    Click on “Register Now” to create an account.
3.    Proceed to your email box to activate your account
4.    Click on to return to Scholarship site
5.    Enter your registered email and password to upload your information.
6.    Enter your personal information, National Identification Number (if available), educational information, other information and upload required scanned documents.
7.    Ensure the name used in application matches the names on all documentation in same order. Upload a sworn affidavit or certificate if otherwise.
8.    Ensure you view all documents after uploading, to eliminate errors during uploading.
9.    When asked to upload photo, upload a pass-port photograph with a white background.
10.  Recheck application information to avoid errors
11.  Click “Apply Now” to submit information
12.  You will receive an email and a sms that confirms your application was successful.
13.  Return to, enter your Email and Password to download your profile and proceed to have your Head of Department sign the document.
14.  Upload a scanned copy of the signed profile, this would be used for verification.
15.  If National Identification Number (NIN) number was not available in step 6, to obtain your National Identification Number (NIN)

    • Visit to register and learn more about the National Identity Number
    • Click “Create Account” and fill in the required  fields
    • Login with Email and Password to complete the form
    • After completion, schedule a date for photo and finger print capture
    • Visit any of the capture centres  to complete the registration process and obtain your National Identity Number
    • You can also do your total registration at the NIMC office

16. Return to and update application with National Identification Number (NIN) to ensure completion

Note: Multiple applications attract a disqualification penalty from the Scholarship board



Nigerian Agip Exploration (NAE) Limited, on behalf of the NNPC/NAE/Oando PSC, is committed to the training and development of manpower as part of its Social Investment programme. Nigerian Agip Exploration (NAE) Limited, has supported the education of hundreds of Nigerian students through its Post Graduate scholarship scheme. Nigerian Agip Exploration (NAE) Limited, along with its PSC partners, initiated this scholarship programme to help build capacities of young and brilliant Nigerians and further boost the pool of qualified manpower for deep offshore activities in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry.

In pursuance of this, NAE Limited invites applications from suitably qualified and interested Nigerian graduates for the 2016/2017 Post Graduate Scholarship Award Scheme. The award is in two categories: –

1. Overseas – For study in a reputable overseas university
2. Local – For study in a recognized Nigerian university

Carefully read the Eligibility/Requirement, How To Apply

To qualify for 2016/2017 NAE Post Graduate Scholarship Award scheme, applicants MUST:

1. Possess a minimum of Second Class Upper division in any of the relevant disciplines from a recognised Nigerian university.
2. Have secured admission into a Nigerian or Overseas university for a one year Master’s Degree programme in any of the disciplines listed below.
3. Not be above 28 years of age by December 31st, 2016.
4. Have completed the one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

Course of Study
Only candidates with offer of admission and BSc degrees in disciplines related to the following areas should apply;
• Geosciences
• Engineering (Petroleum, Mechanical, Civil, Subsea, Electrical/Electronics, Marine, Chemical)
• Petroleum Economics
• Law (Oil and Gas/Petroleum)

Please note:
1. ONLY Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the aptitude test.
2. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted with details of the qualifying test via SMS and Email (Ensure to provide valid email and phone contacts).
3. Employees of NAE and other affiliate companies and their dependents are not eligible.
4. Current and past beneficiaries of similar awards from NAE, other companies and agencies are not eligible.
5. Please ensure you understand the Instructions carefully before you start this application to avoid errors and disqualification.
6. Strict compliance with above guidelines is required.
7. Application closes midnight, 26th June, 2016.

Completion of the application form and test invitation shall NOT be construed as a commitment on the part of the NNPC/NAE/OANDO PSC nor shall it entitle applicants to make any claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from NAE and/or any of its partners by virtue of responding to this invitation to apply for Post Graduate scholarship award.

The NAE scholarship award applies to tuition, books, field trips, accommodation, living expenses and a return economy ticket for selected one-year course of study.

The Computer Based Test for shortlisted candidates shall be conducted on 9th July, 2016.
1. Candidates should have the following clearly scanned documents before starting the application process:
a. Passport photograph (450 × 450 pixel) with white background not more than 3 months old
b. Provisional admission letter for post graduate studies 2016/2017 session into any reputable university – Local/Overseas. This admission letter must be for the course stated on the candidate’s application.
c. First Degree Certificate
d. NYSC Discharge Certificate
e. Valid ID card (Driver’s license, Voter’s card, National Identity card)
f. Valid International Passport Data Page for Overseas category only (Valid for travel at least one year from September 2016)
g. Birth Certificate from Local government
h. Current Curriculum Vitae
i. NAE Compliance Declaration Form
2. All candiates are required to fill and sign the NAE compliance declaration form.
To download the NAE compliance declaration, click
3. Label the scanned documents accordingly, to avoid mix up during upload.
4. Attach the right documents in the appropriate upload section.

To apply, follow the steps below:
 1. Click on “Apply Now” tab.
2. Click on “Register Now” to create an account.
3. Proceed to your email box to activate your account
4. Click on to return to Scholarship site
5. Enter your registered email and password to create your profile.
6. Candidates are required to fill the Personal Details (with National Identification Number if available), Undergraduate and Postgraduate Sections only. Candidates are also required to upload only applicable documents (refer to section A).
Note to Overseas category applicants: Applicants for the Overseas category are encouraged to also apply for the Local Post Graduate Scholarship Award.
7.  Candidates are not required to fill the Secondary Level or Bank details in the application portal.
8.  Ensure the name used in application matches the names on all documentation in same order. Upload a sworn affidavit or certificate if otherwise.
9.  Ensure you view all documents after uploading, to eliminate errors during uploading.
10. Recheck application information to avoid errors
11. Click “Apply Now” to submit information at or return to the home page and select the 2016 NAE Postgraduate Scholarship Awards to be redirected to the application page
12. You will receive an email that confirms your application was successful.

• Multiple applications shall lead to disqualification.
• Kindly review your profile before applying.


The beauty of Epoxy Flooring cannot be ignored if you want a perfect glossy finishing in your homes garages, manufacturing facilities, auto workshops etc. They are typically used on concrete and steel to give resistance to water, alkali and acids. It is the specific selection and combination of the epoxy component and the hardener component that determines the final characteristics and suitability of the epoxy coating for a given environment. Epoxy paints and coatings are formulated based upon the performance requirements for the end product. When properly catalyzed and applied, epoxies produce a hard, chemical and solvent resistant finish. Epoxy paints and epoxy floor coatings, coatings are generally packaged in two parts that are mixed prior to application. The two parts consist of:

1) An epoxy resin that is cross-linked with

2) A co-reactant or hardener.

Below are some of the specific areas of application’


When it comes to the professional look of any commercial automotive facility, perhaps nowhere is it more critical than that of a fully operating automobile dealership. The overall cleanliness and professionalism of not only your showroom, but all customer access areas such as write-ups walkways, service areas and more will leave an impression with your customers whether new or returning.
Epoxy floor coatings can transform almost any existing concrete substrate into a beautiful finished surface that will withstand the abuses of your particular service environment. Several system variations are available to meet the demands of your business and all epoxy floor coatings offer superior chemical and abrasion resistance to the irritants found in the workplace. Oils, acids, heavy fuels, vehicle traffic and the elements can all be held at bay.

Industrial applications

Your industrial floor coating is no component to take for granted. As a true commercial-grade floor coating system, Epoxy coating flooring system is a silent workhorse that can extend the life cycle of your facility. The floor coating systems provide an environmentally sustainable solution for substrate protection, lower operational and maintenance costs and increased productivity. With Many industrial and commercial facility across Nigeria, epoxy floor coating systems have long been industry proven to protect floors better and preserve floor quality longer.

Food and pharma industry 

In today’s food industry, floor coatings are of paramount concern because flooring impacts an entire facility. Epoxy ‘s floor coating finishes are of the highest standards, and help to comply with industry guidelines for good hygiene practice and efficient production. Food industry floors are typically exposed to contaminants that can cause serious damage to concrete because of their corrosive nature. Additionally, these types of impurities can infiltrate uncoated concrete and wood substrates, resulting in the growth of bacteria and subsequently degrade processed food’s purity. Epoxy floor coatings offer a seamless, impermeable barrier that is easily cleaned and ensures a hygienic surface. The Anti-Microbial (-AM) is a line of floor coating products featuring an additive compound integrated during the manufacturing process. they are mildew resistant, resists mold fungus, resists microbial odor development and retards the growth and action of bacterial odors.


When it comes to the overall value and visual appeal of any residential property, one of the most critically measured aspects is that of finished, useable floor space. Epoxy floor coating systems turn dirty and distressed concrete floors into attractive, durable, easy to clean, useful surfaces. The superior protection It provides against deterioration or contamination will greatly reduce the need for floor repairs caused by salts and chemicals that breakdown concrete. Epoxy floor coatings will help beautify and protect virtually any concrete or wood surface and is available in multiple color and finishes to fit any decor. They are water based, allowing residential homeowners to coat interior areas like basements, utility rooms, workshops without the worry of obnoxious odors and flammability issues.

Other areas of applications include’

  1. Flooring for commercial facilities
  2. Epoxy flooring for Hospitality facilities
  3. Epoxy flooring for schools




In recent years when students sit for local, national or international exams, they mostly do not get the results they wished to. This according to my research may not be as a result of poor preparation for the examination by the students (as it is widely rumored), rather it is chiefly due to the poor understanding of the different technical terms/words used by the examiner in creating the questions. i have seen students spending hours in the exam hall, ruminating on a particular idea, confused on what answers the examiner really needs them to supply, only for them to come out miserably from the exam hall and ask a colleague what the examiner wanted from them and s/he explains what was required of them to do, and immediately they screams ‘ah!! i thought of that o, that lecturer is very trickish’. But, hey! worry no more as this post will give you a better understanding of what the examiner needs from you, therefore, putting you in a pole position to score higher than you normally do.

Below are the major terms/verbs examiners use while setting an exam, and i will enjoin you to put them to heart as they will forever be of help to you..

Account for: – give reasons

Analyse: – find the main ideas, discuss them and consider their relevant importance

Comment: – discuss, criticize and explain the idea in details

Compare: – show the differences and similarities

Contrast:-emphasize the difference

Criticize: – give your opinions showing both good and bad points, support your judgement with evidence and examples

Describe: – write a detailed account of the object, process and event

Discuss: – write in details, using arguments both for and against and then summarize and conclude

Enumerate:-write a numbered list or outline of the main points

Evaluate: – using your own ideas or that of others, discuss the worth of the statement, test its veracity and degree of importance. Take a decision

Explain: – interpret and clarify, giving your own reasons

Illustrate: – use concrete examples, comparisons and perhaps diagrams

Justify: – give convincing reasons in support of the statement

State: – describe precisely the most important aspect of the topic

Summarize: – omitting details and illustrations, give only the main points in order of importance

Trace: – describe the history, process or development of the subject.

So, here we are, you now have these tools at your disposal, match forward into the exam halls and show them what you are made of…………………………

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