Spanish Fly: How Grave Are The Risks?

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Spanish Fly

Aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, have one single purpose – to increase the amount of sexual desire you’re feeling at that point in time, and ideally for several hours afterwards. The use of these “love potions” dates back thousands of years to when humans first started tinkering with medicine, and when they first realized what a potent weapon sex and sexual energy can be. Of all the aphrodisiacs that have come into, and vanished out of existence over the centuries, Spanish Fly features as the single most famous, and ultimately the most dangerous, product designed to allegedly increase female arousal and sexual desire.

Spanish Fly itself is not actually made from flies (thankfully I hear you say!), but is instead made from a type of green beetle called the Lytta vesicatoria. Basically the dried remains of these beetles are ground into a fine powder, which is then mixed with a number of other ingredients and then placed in a water or alcohol base. So this allegedly potent aphrodisiac is made from dead insects – there’s no sexual magic or alchemy involved.
There are some historical records which say that Spanish Fly was originally used as a form of anaesthetics given to men on their wedding night. At that time, it was an ointment which was applied to the male genitals to numb them long enough to allow the man to perform sexually for longer, impressing his new wife in the process. It was never, ever designed to be taken internally though, and this is where the health issues really start. Now this goes against everything you see when in adverts for this female libido enhancer, because it’s always supplied as either drops, or sometimes pills, to be taken orally.

There’s a serious problem here because the active ingredient in this aphrodisiac is something called cantharadin, which is actually a severe irritant and blistering agent. In fact, they’re so potent that simply placing a substance containing cantharadin on your skin can cause it to blister almost immediately, so it’s obviously not something you would ever want to drink or take orally.

The most commonly held belief around Spanish Fly is that it was originally used to encourage farm animals to mate (and it was reasonably effective in making this happen), so somebody, somewhere decided that it could be used for the same purpose for human beings. The reason why people think this aphrodisiac might actually work to enhance your sex drive is because it causes irritation in the urinary tract, which then causes blood to rush to your genitals – this rush of blood then being mistaken for sexual arousal. What’s actually happening is that the toxic ingredients in Spanish Fly are poisoning your body in a number of different ways.

The only real reason Spanish Fly has managed to retain some kind of mystical significance as an aphrodisiac is because it’s been banned from sale in most civilized countries – simply because it’s so dangerous. Unfortunately, some people think it’s been banned because it actually works and this makes them all the more eager to try it. The fact that this product has been banned has created a kind of weird viral marketing campaign for it – which people are still falling for even today.

So are there any health risks associated with taking Spanish Fly?

Friends, the list is almost endless, but what we’re going to do is to list the most common and most serious side effects of this aphrodisiac, as a warning to any woman considering taking this “sexual stimulant”, even just experimentally.

Miscarriage: Spanish Fly has been used for centuries by back alley abortionist to terminate pregnancies, so any woman who is currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant needs to avoid this product like the plague itself. There is a very strong risk that using this product in even the smallest of doses could cause you to accidentally abort your child.

Kidney Damage: There are numerous verifiable cases of Spanish Fly causing severe damage to the kidneys of people taking it. This is based on the fact that the irritant contained in this product goes to work on your urinary tract causing inflammation and infection there, which then spreads elsewhere. If you do decide to use Spanish Fly, you should be prepared to visit the nearest hospital shortly afterwards.

Neurological Issues: Taking Spanish Fly in even small doses can result in anything from delirium, confusion and borderline psychosis to actual loss of consciousness. People who use this product often complain of not feeling in control of their own thoughts and emotions and, believe it or not, some people become so confused they actually start barking like a dog. So if you like the idea of developing potentially long-term neurological problems then Spanish Fly is ideal for you (we’re kidding obviously).

Frequent Urination: The irritation of your urinary tract will be so severe that you’ll literally need to urinate every few minutes, ruining any potential for sexual fun you might have been looking forward to. The most commonly reported side effect of using this product is that you constantly feel the need to urinate after taking it.

Digestive Problems: Within just minutes of taking a few drops of this “stimulant” you’ll begin to experience a burning sensation in your throat and then your stomach. The irritation can become so severe that it will eventually require professional medical assistance. Many people also report feeling incredibly thirsty, but that drinking any kind of fluid has no effect on this thirst, making it unbearable as a result.

Death: Large doses Spanish Fly can kill you – it’s literally that toxic. Most of the genuine Spanish Fly products contain a very small amount of a poison called strychnine, and absorbed in small doses this would make you feel extremely unwell. In larger doses however it will kill you very quickly, and what’s worse strychnine poisoning can be hard to trace except when it’s largely present in your body. So as you can see Spanish Fly is about as dangerous a substance as you would ever dare take, with side-effects so serious that you’re probably wondering why it hasn’t been banned completely? Unfortunately, human beings have a tendency to believe myth and lore rather than actual science, which is why rhinos are still being hunted for their horns, which is then turned into an aphrodisiac product for men, for example. Basically Spanish Fly will not only do absolutely nothing for your sex drive, but it can and will endanger your health.

The reason why you started reading this article in the first place though is because, as a woman, you’re struggling with your current lack of sexual desire and you’re no doubt desperate to find a way to treat this “problem”. It’s impossible for anyone to understand what it feels like to lose your sex drive, unless they’ve actually experienced it themselves. This sense of desperation is what drives so many people to try crazy lotions and potions like Spanish Fly to reignite the flames of passion in their life, and in their body, all over again.

I would like to close with this, always do well to read up facts about whatsoever drug, potion, pill or fluid that you might want to try out, so as to be aware of the risks of what you are consuming.

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Enwenyeokwu Genesis is a graduate of Polymer and Textile Engineering, who has a strong passion to impact upon the life of young people. He is analytical, critical, a social motivator and Godfearing

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