How strong, pungent and obligatory the wordings of the first stanza of the NYSC anthem is. Simply summarizing some of the national ethics and mandating the youths to be enlisted for national service and doing so with patriotism and humility.

Every fresh graduate in tertiary institutions in Nigeria always desires to one day answer this clarion call for national service through the opportunity provided by the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).

I have decided to speak with corps members(corper/ajuwaya) serving in different states in the federation to actually get their own version of how the service year looks like.

Here is a story of a passionate and patriotic female corper serving in Bauchi state, though, she didn’t want to share all the experiences, but shared just these few moments of her service year so far. I hope you will enjoy it;

My experience as a Corper has been filled with different moments: the good moments, the bad moments, even funny moments that will make me want to remain a Corper. Let me start with the bad moments first;                    

The Bad Moments

The news that I was posted to Bauchi was at some point breathcrushing (if at all that word exists) and the thought of travelling with the night bus to and fro looked like a nightmare to me. During one of the travels, our bus broke down around 11pm in the middle of nowhere so we had to sleep in the bush. Around 1pm armed robbers started operation but thank God they didn’t get to our bus. When day broke and there was no hope of repairing the vehicle, nor transferring to another bus, I flagged down a taxi that took me to the nearest town where I made some withdrawals (thank God for ATM) and continued with my journey that’s with another bus and of course another t/fare. Fortunately, I was able to get to the orientation safely (all glory be to God). While in camp, in my platoon, a male otondo ran mad as a result of Indian hemp (igbo) smoking though it was not destructive, but he was decamped immediately.                         

E don do jor! make I enter the good part.

The Good Moments

Do u still remember about my taxi experience to camp? Tor!

I didn’t know that one of the passengers was among the cook until I went to collect food on the queue the woman was in charge. When she saw me, she gave me a hug and introduced me to other cooks telling them how nice I was to her in the taxi (it pays to be good). Immediately she packed meat and poured into my soup and it became a regular practice all through my stay in camp.

After camp, I spent the whole day trying to locate my PPA. When evening came, the keke man that has been driving me around being an Igbo man with family offered to accommodate me for that day. That same evening, I located my church which gave me an apartment to stay Free of charge! Wow, God is really great!                       

Yes, I promised to share my funny moments with u as well.

The Funny Moments

I have been turned into a sign language teacher though I teach chemistry, but how will these Muslim children understand without sign language? So, I use one period i.e. 35mins to explain and demonstrate a simple sentence in chemistry, God help me. Finally, I now have a Hausa tongue as I now pronounce pipty naira (#50) etc. so as to buy things cheap in the market. Even our vice principal 2 i.e. VP 2, I now call him bise 2 just to mingle with the northern teachers.                       

Oh NYSC, a clarion call to answer! I drop my pen for now                       


Corpers Weee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author: genesisenwenyeokwu

Enwenyeokwu Genesis is a graduate of Polymer and Textile Engineering, who has a strong passion to impact upon the life of young people. He is analytical, critical, a social motivator and Godfearing

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