The beauty of Epoxy Flooring cannot be ignored if you want a perfect glossy finishing in your homes garages, manufacturing facilities, auto workshops etc. They are typically used on concrete and steel to give resistance to water, alkali and acids. It is the specific selection and combination of the epoxy component and the hardener component that determines the final characteristics and suitability of the epoxy coating for a given environment. Epoxy paints and coatings are formulated based upon the performance requirements for the end product. When properly catalyzed and applied, epoxies produce a hard, chemical and solvent resistant finish. Epoxy paints and epoxy floor coatings, coatings are generally packaged in two parts that are mixed prior to application. The two parts consist of:

1) An epoxy resin that is cross-linked with

2) A co-reactant or hardener.

Below are some of the specific areas of application’


When it comes to the professional look of any commercial automotive facility, perhaps nowhere is it more critical than that of a fully operating automobile dealership. The overall cleanliness and professionalism of not only your showroom, but all customer access areas such as write-ups walkways, service areas and more will leave an impression with your customers whether new or returning.
Epoxy floor coatings can transform almost any existing concrete substrate into a beautiful finished surface that will withstand the abuses of your particular service environment. Several system variations are available to meet the demands of your business and all epoxy floor coatings offer superior chemical and abrasion resistance to the irritants found in the workplace. Oils, acids, heavy fuels, vehicle traffic and the elements can all be held at bay.

Industrial applications

Your industrial floor coating is no component to take for granted. As a true commercial-grade floor coating system, Epoxy coating flooring system is a silent workhorse that can extend the life cycle of your facility. The floor coating systems provide an environmentally sustainable solution for substrate protection, lower operational and maintenance costs and increased productivity. With Many industrial and commercial facility across Nigeria, epoxy floor coating systems have long been industry proven to protect floors better and preserve floor quality longer.

Food and pharma industry 

In today’s food industry, floor coatings are of paramount concern because flooring impacts an entire facility. Epoxy ‘s floor coating finishes are of the highest standards, and help to comply with industry guidelines for good hygiene practice and efficient production. Food industry floors are typically exposed to contaminants that can cause serious damage to concrete because of their corrosive nature. Additionally, these types of impurities can infiltrate uncoated concrete and wood substrates, resulting in the growth of bacteria and subsequently degrade processed food’s purity. Epoxy floor coatings offer a seamless, impermeable barrier that is easily cleaned and ensures a hygienic surface. The Anti-Microbial (-AM) is a line of floor coating products featuring an additive compound integrated during the manufacturing process. they are mildew resistant, resists mold fungus, resists microbial odor development and retards the growth and action of bacterial odors.


When it comes to the overall value and visual appeal of any residential property, one of the most critically measured aspects is that of finished, useable floor space. Epoxy floor coating systems turn dirty and distressed concrete floors into attractive, durable, easy to clean, useful surfaces. The superior protection It provides against deterioration or contamination will greatly reduce the need for floor repairs caused by salts and chemicals that breakdown concrete. Epoxy floor coatings will help beautify and protect virtually any concrete or wood surface and is available in multiple color and finishes to fit any decor. They are water based, allowing residential homeowners to coat interior areas like basements, utility rooms, workshops without the worry of obnoxious odors and flammability issues.

Other areas of applications include’

  1. Flooring for commercial facilities
  2. Epoxy flooring for Hospitality facilities
  3. Epoxy flooring for schools

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